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20's Artwork

Ideas flit through the mind like birds around a tree.
When one of them decides to perch on a branch of that "tree of creation", many times it does not go beyond a simple beginning. For the idea to fertilize, it is necessary to continue advancing: sketch repeatedly and then sweep with the white of the canvas. It is then that the piece begins to take shape and the danger of abortion decreases.
However, there was a moment when the accumulation of projects accumulated while the process continued at a slow pace, very carefully and terribly thought out. The preciousness was imposed on the interpretation, damaging the final result. A kind of strange boredom arrived, something like finding and saturating yourself with comfort within known borders.
The pandemic brought with it the quarantine. That global event made us rethink life and try to express our bewilderment at what we have never experienced. But above all, it brought a mandatory quarantine that extended the hours of work and contemplation.
I finally let go of my quest for the perfect brushstroke. The movements emerged graceful, the black line appeared, the textured glazes and transparencies, somewhat faster and bolder.
I don't know what to title  this new period of my life and my art.
For now I'll call it the 20's.
Who knows if in a spontaneous nonchalance, it occurs to me to call it: PC art (Post Covid) However, I think that, for that, I will have to let go a little more.

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