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  • Tell me a little bit about where are you from originally?
    The town where I was born, Güines, is located in the south of Havana. It has a river named Mayabeque and is mostly agricultural. There I lived until in 2009 I moved to the city of Miami where I currently reside.
  • How do you think your style developed?
    My peasant roots and love for naive art were the genesis of my style. I never looked for it, it was something that appeared as a result of who I really am; an artist nostalgic and at the same time proud of my culture. My first steps were in the caricature and later in the landscaping. My landscapes are a very personal way of understanding nature through the eyes of a child.
  • Do you do commissions?
    Yes, I do it frequently. I only put my creative and style freedom as a condition. In fact I like it when I try to see my art through other people and that they offer me a sincere point of view. Sometimes when clients feel reflected in my work due to some idea expressed by them, the satisfaction is very rewarding and mutual.
  • What materials do you use to produce your work?
    I prefer use canvas over all supports. A medium texture. The painting that I always use is oil, I can not get rid of its magic. The brand I use the most is Charvin Oil. On rare occasions I use acrylic acrylic paint.
  • What is your training as an artist?
    Studying design helped me to handle many tools that are also valid for painting. Part of my training comes from the self-study but mostly from the tutoring of teachers of my city. Therefore I can not define myself as a self-taught but not as a graduate of any art school.
  • Are you a naive artist?
    Naive art is the artistic expression of the ethnic group that mostly reflects in my artworks. Therefore I appropriate the pictorial beauty of this manifestation and add more technically worked elements. The same happens from the conceptual point of view. I try to deal with social issues from the simplest or simplest point of view. Hence, to define whether my proposal is naive or not, raise some questions. I do not mind being cataloged as a naive artist.
  • Do you teach art classes?
    Not at this moment. In certain seasons I do workshops in my studio and they are announced through my social networks and this website.
  • What other artistic activities do you like to do?
    In addition to painting, drawing and design, I write stories, songs that I play on my guitar and sometimes I like to dabble in art writting.

This town is located 28 miles southeast of  Havana City



Stories, paintings & Drawings.

(In Process)

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