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ABEL QUINTERO FUENTES is a Cuban American artist with roots deeply embedded in the countryside of Havana. His upbringing was enveloped by the melodious tunes of his mother singing traditional Cuban folkloric songs known as "Décimas."

Abel's insatiable literary curiosity, coupled with his profound admiration for the rich Cuban culture, serves as the foundation for the development of his distinctive style as an authentic Cuban fine artist. His profound understanding of tradition, paired with his technical prowess, is evident in each artwork created by this sensitive and imaginative artist.

Quintero's expression of the universe is crafted through a skillfully blended and applied color palette, creating a visual language that evokes mental images of a time when life was beautifully simple in the Cuban countryside. The dreamlike quality of his characters invites viewers into a world brimming with romance, innocence, and serenity. Internationally admired and collected, Abel Quintero stands as a contemporary fine artist whose talent has garnered well-deserved praise from critics and colleagues around the globe.

When standing before one of Abel's paintings, one can almost hear the nightingales, feel the morning dew on their forehead, and sense the aroma of rum and coffee lingering in the air. His work is bound to captivate hearts for years to come.



It is an island that accumulates the perfections of a visual narrative that has always been betrayed. I, QUINTERO, a Cuban artist, will know it well, as I configure an impossible and impassive tale, where humor and caricature express themselves as they compose a painting of solitude.

Otherwise, the passion that overwhelms the islanders, the green tapestry of their thickness, the vision of their unease, and the surreal sound of their representation would not be understood.

Uncertainties of rum, tobacco, and sugarcane. Also old certainties, mestizo and animist, wandering from horizon to horizon, in search of the foliage of living skin and a hungry gaze.

What strange curse prevents the night from arriving, oh, undo, undo with a gesture the world...

(Leopoldo María Panero)

Sep. 26, 2013

"He laugh when he says deemed GUAJIRO and I believe it because in his smile is that honesty, that "ingenuity" of country people have."

Tony Pita. "El Habanero" Newspaper, March 1998

"The stunning color of light, the nearly photographic motion capture, the reflective stillness - disturbing at times - the constant search for air horizons - so slight as the interiors - are paradigms that are combined in a stylistic and conceptual unit admirable. The IPAC (Institute professional in the art of communication) in Asunción - Paraguay includes a photographic material with the work of this artist in order to illustrate a class of art appreciation to my charge, as a valuable exponent of the contemporary Naive." 

Dr. Prof. Victor Hugo Pirrongelli Carbone."November 20061998

"One of the painters most interesting in Miami is the Cuban Abel Quintero, who has his studio in the emblematic calle ocho in little Havana (...) so elegant and tasteful, with tender and vibrant pictures of Abel recreating the beautiful Cuban background countryside, to enjoy both the miamers, as tourists visiting the famous street. "

Baltasar Santiago "Venue Magazine"2014

All the sudden, as if by magic, Abel Quintero became aware that he was inside the world of Juan Candela, the character from story teller Onelio Jorge Cardoso. He retreated to a farm in Pedrera to dedicate himself to the fine arts.

Elena Iglesias "El Nuevo Herald"2009

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