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In 2008, I had the distinct honor of hosting my inaugural art exhibition in the vibrant city of Miami. The venue for this momentous occasion was GMI in Coral Gables, a captivating setting that added a unique touch to the cultural tapestry of the event. The exhibition was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Art Millennium, a prominent Spanish company directed by the esteemed art dealer, Jesus Mira.

This exhibition was not just a personal milestone but a tribute to the rich artistic heritage of Cuba. Titled "Guateque Cubano," it aimed to encapsulate the essence of Cuban art and culture, creating a visual narrative that resonated with the warmth, rhythm, and vibrancy of the island.

Under the visionary leadership of Jesus Mira, Art Millennium played a pivotal role in bringing this showcase to life. Mira's expertise as an art dealer added a layer of sophistication to the exhibition, elevating it to an international platform that bridged the artistic worlds of Cuba and Miami.

The event in Coral Gables became a melting pot of artistic expression, drawing in art enthusiasts, collectors, and cultural connoisseurs from diverse backgrounds. The gallery space at GMI served as a dynamic canvas for my works, each piece contributing to the overarching narrative of the "Guateque Cubano."

Looking back, this inaugural exhibition marked not only a personal triumph but also the beginning of a dialogue between my art and a global audience. It set the stage for future explorations, collaborations, and a continued celebration of the rich cultural tapestry that defines Cuban art. The memories of that enchanting evening in 2008 continue to resonate, embodying the spirit of artistic expression and cultural homage that defined "Guateque Cubano" in the heart of Miami.


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