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I painted the artwork "The Broken Shoe" in 2010, after visiting the San Carlos Institute in Key West, where I heard a very interesting story about José Martí.

The Cuban hero was exiled in the United States, when rumors came to Cuba that Marti was using the funds raised for the revolution for his personal use. That accusation was very delicate so they sent a compatriot to inspect and find out if the rumors were true, and if so, that it would impart justice. They say that the commissioner traveled to Key West and he met Marti, after the greetings they sat down to talk. In a moment of the conversation, Martí crossed the leg and his interlocutor could see the sole of his shoe.

The report that he sent to Havana was as follows:

"Rumors are completely false, someone who is taking money from our cause for their own benefit, would not walk with broken shoes ... as Marti does.

This limited edition is a tribute to the humility and commitment of those who give their all for their cause.

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